sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

Seventh Semester

Hi guys! This is my first post on English. Last post was a try but this is real.

Now, I'd like talking about this semester. Well, there isn't much to say. It's just a semester more. In other things, I'm in basic 9. I haven't repeated any level and that's good. I feel well for it.

Well, the purpose of this post is practice my English. I'm going to talk about Django, a Python's framework for web developing. If you haven't heard about Django, I have to say you so Django is wonderful. It's beautiful, It's easy, It's sure, It's cool.

Any project of data bases, specially if it is request by some teacher of UPIICSA, you can develop on a day. I want to say, you should have the data base normalized and that's all. Django makes all, Django generates an administrator interface, that interface save us all work like designing forms and other things. Django is a MVC framework. I like it. It's very easy.

Well, I hope post something done with Django, might a back-end for mobiles aplications or a classic sales system.

See you!

I was forgetting it, there are some wallpappers for you:

Yes... I downloaded them from /w/ and /wg/ :P