lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

It's Me again!

Hello readers! Well, I have some things so I'd like tell you. But... Let's go in parts.

First... I have seen I have a lot of chances (well, I think that) with some girls. But, specially with one. Just I have to do it :D  Mmm. When  I'm writing in Spanish this is very easy. Do a post in Spanish is more comfortable than do It in English. Logical, it doesn't?

Only I've written a few lines and I don't know how to continue.  Well, I'll write about the things I've done as UPIICSA'S student. Oh fuck! I haven't got anything new to tell.

Lately, I've lost interest in the school. It boring me. I remember when it was 2010. I was in fourth. Pfff, that's really boring. Seriously! I don't have anything to tell. This shouldn't be that. If I were writting in Spanish, this post would have a lot of lines and pictures.

Well, ok. I have an idea. It's a present, a friki present. It's about a LCD display where a message will be shown.  I want to add some personalized characters, maybe a heart... Ok not! That would be really annoying for me. It might be nice for her, but,  I'm not like that.

I might do somethin like this...

How was it the evaluation? Well, just I failed one subject. Yes, it was Economic Engineer. Hahaha, I didn't study for that exam. In fact, I didn't know there was exam. And obviously, I failed. It was very funny. I thought "Oh fuck! the theacher is going to give me a zero" but, finally, I don't know, I want to believe him had compassion for me and for that reason my final note was five when it had to be cero.

 This was me when I saw I had five :D

Well, I'm near to finish this... Now, I will search some pics and I will put in the post and it will be all.